Werner Herzog's Rogue Film School

What is Rogue Film School?

Rogue Film School is a 4-day seminar taught by Werner Herzog (this may include additional guest speakers) which takes place over a Friday evening Meet & Greet, followed by three all-day sessions (Saturday/Sunday/Monday)

When and where will the next Rogue Film School take place?

We do not know where or when the next one will be, but we generally announce the location and dates about 5 months ahead of the seminar. Please "like" Rogue Film School on Facebook - that's where the most current information can be found.


How much does Rogue Film School Cost?

Non-refundable US $25 application fee - payable upon completion of the Application Form. Please note, your application and payment of US $25 do not automatically grant you admission to the Rogue Film School seminar. Each application is being personally reviewed by Werner Herzog before an applicant is accepted.

US $1500 seminar fee - payable upon applicant's approval by Werner Herzog as a candidate to the Rogue Film School. Cancellations due to hardships or extenuating circumstances possible until 10 days prior to the date of the seminar. A cancellation fee of US $200 applies.

How do I apply to Rogue Film School?

Fill out the online application, pay a $25 application fee, email your payment receipt along with a Vimeo link (and passcode if applicable) of your 5-minute (maximum) project which you have directed. There is a limit of one application per seminar.

For the submission (application process), what can I send in?

Your project can be a documentary, fictional film, animation, or anything you’d like to show us which showcases you as a director or your artwork. If you have a longer work, please send a 5 minute excerpt.


Can I send a DVD instead of a link?

No, we can only accept Vimeo links.


Do you offer financial assistance or scholarships?

We are not government-sponsored nor affiliated with any film school or program and cannot offer financial assistance or scholarships.

How will I find out if I am invited to participate?

If selected to participate in the limited capacity seminar (maximum 65 students), you will be notified via email at least one month prior to the scheduled seminar to allow you time to make your travel arrangements.


If I am not selected to participate in this seminar, can I apply to subsequent seminars?

Yes! We welcome your application - there is no limit to how many seminars you apply for, with the one-submission-per-seminar caveat.


What does my $1500 seminar fee include?

The seminar fee covers the 4-day Rogue Film School event, taught by Werner Herzog. At the end of the seminar, you will receive a signed copy of "Conquest of the Useless" by Werner Herzog, as well as a Certificate of Participation. Please note that the hotel costs (reduced rates will be available), any travel/parking arrangements, and meals must be provided by you separately and are not included in the seminar fee.


Do I need to do anything special to prepare for the weekend course?

There is both a required and suggested reading list, as well as a required (film) viewing list. [See "About" Page, #10 and #11], but otherwise no materials are needed.

Can I bring my laptop to the seminar?

No. We encourage you to participate actively and prohibit the use of laptops, iPads, cell phones, and recording devices of any kind.

I am traveling from out of town/out of the country. Is it possible to communicate with other participants to arrange shared hotel/transportation costs?

If you are accepted and once payment is received, we will invite you to a private Facebook group created specifically for this seminar where you can communicate with other attendees to coordinate plans.